White Gladiolus and iris
Sunflowers and Steamboat
Standing Iris
Roses in Ibiza
Red Poppies and Iris Bouquet
Red Orquids
Red Gladiolus and Iris
Petunias on Gray
Petunias in the Montains
Gladiolus on Blue
Dried Amaryllis
Crysanthemums in London
Anemonae on Gray
Bouquet with Steamboat
Bouquet with Calla Lily
Yellow and Red Flowers
Small Bouquet on the Swamp
Last Sunflowers


Miguel hand picked every flower he painted. He searched out Flower Markets and exotic flower shops in China Town. He was up at 4 am to make sure he got first pick and brought to the studio the flowers, carefully wrapped up in newspaper; muses for the painting he would paint next.

When a flower wilted before he had finished painting it, he’d go out in search of a similar specimen and would carefully replace it in his composition. Miguel never used photographic references. Never took a shortcut. The only two ingredients he used in his work, light and life.