Painted Desert 3
Painted Desert 2
Painted Desert 1
Orange Cliffs Overlook
Mesa outside the Park
Lava Falls
Kanab Plateau
Grand Canyon After the Storm
Ghost Town Cemetery
Dead Horse Point


In 1993 Miguel left NYC forever. He had fallen in love with the quiet desert landscapes of the Southwest. Driving a small camper built to fit his enormous canvases, Miguel traveled from New York to West Texas in less than two days. He arrived in Terlingua, a small Ghost Town outside Big Bend National Park. It was a cloudy day. He stopped at the sight of some wooden crosses that were falling apart. It was the town’s old graveyard. This became the subject for his first desert landscape.

For a period of 8 years Miguel and I lived in the camper, looking for the next perfect landscape and stopping to paint whenever we found it. We visited Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah constantly feeling moved and grateful for waking up in the magnificence of nature. Miguel painted slowly and the constantly changing weather conditions made his painting even slower. By the end of our journey he had completed 10 large desert landscapes.